APPREHENSION covers four rough, routine and horrific days in Detective John Kelly’s life. Kelly relives the murder of his niece, derails a rape investigation in a drunken burst of anger, and works to send a pedophile to prison. But his girlfriend Rachel Cohen is defending the pedophile. Rachel’s a toughie, prepared to destroy Kelly in court but holding a secret from him that could bond them or break them apart. 

Parallel plots bring in an experienced patrol training officer and his rookie exploring issues of race and fairness in policing, plainclothes narcotics agents pushing the limits of honesty in court, an officer who survives a terrible attack but has her case mauled by an angry judge, a teenage drug dealer whose trial defense is voodoo – true story! – and a commander who covertly pulls strings to bail out or bury his flock of cops. 

APPREHENSION is realistic, as close to fact as fiction can be and is targeted to appeal to cops, people who want to learn what makes cops tick and readers of serious, emotional fiction.  Kirkus Reviews calls APPREHENSION “compelling,… A gritty and authentic new voice in police fiction,” ” and said I write, “with authority and empathy about cops” It will sit on the same shelf as the works of George V. Higgins, Elmore Leonard and Joseph Wambaugh (but before them alphabetically.)) 

APPREHENSION is available for sale at local bookstores including One More Page in Falls Church, VA and on their website at  https://www.onemorepagebooks.com/book/9781947848849, at Today’s Cargo in Alexandria, VA and on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Proceeds from the sale of APPREHENSION will go to programs to prevent police suicide.

Apprehension front cover alone

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